About Us

Our Approach

[ˈst(y)o͞oərdˌSHip] NOUN
stewardships (plural noun)
the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.
“responsible stewardship of our public lands” ·

We  firmly believe we are here to  “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”

The sea provides us with so much sustenance, but it’s not a bottomless pantry.  Our crew knows how important it is to be good stewards of this treasure and strives to abide by this philosophy with every outing.  The marine habitat and the creatures that live there need our help minimizing garbage and pollution that we are putting into our water ways.  By taking care of this, we are taking care of them.  The crew of the Sea Hare sets out on every adventure determined to do just that.

Our Story

Salty Water Tours started as a dream and turned into a reality.  With love of the sea and animals, we wanted to create an educational Eco-Friendly tour that  can be shared with Friends, Family and Pets.  The beautiful pristine waters and beaches in the St. Petersburg area is captivating.  We wanted others to join us to  take in unique beauty that this area has to offer.  Come join us for your custom escape.

Meet the Team-Vessel

Capt. and Crew

Capt. Rob White Captain

Capt Rob White is a licensed Coast Guard Master Mariner and is CPR certified. Rob was a commercial Blue Crabber for 10 years.

He has been on the water since he was 8yrs old. Growing up on the bay and enjoying what the sea has to offer makes his commitment to being a Steward of Sea his top priority. He loves teaching guest's about the sea.

Emily Seibert Tour Teacher Captain

A Yoga Instructor, Emily has a passion for nature. Her love for health and wellness led her to be certified to teach yoga at Key Largo Yoga Studio in Florida.

Emily spent 15 years in the healthcare industry before branching out into becoming a small business owner. She is a Naturalist and specializes in birds, reptiles, and aquatic sea life.

SEA HARE 26ft. Twin VEE

The vessel is a 2004 26ft.
Twin Vee that is Coast Guard inspected.

The views are incredible from this boat and it rides smooth. Not a bad seat in the boat, easy to see everything. The boat is moored in Gulfport City Marina.

Want a Customized Adventure!

Give us a call to book a tour with us. Tell us the name of the vessel and get a discount!!